Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs of 2018

Bitcoin is known as the first digital currency or cryptocurrency that can be created and held electronically as it cannot be printed like Euros or Dollars. But lots of it can be produced by the people all over the world to solve mathematical problems by using software through their computers. Bitcoin exchange has offered various affiliate programs through different vendors like BitBond, Coinbase,, and etc. Brief information about these affiliate programs can help you to increase traffic and earn commissions on your affiliate websites or fellow investors.


Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange providing the best crypto-to-crypto rates on the market. Changelly’s robot is integrated into the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms, including Poloniex and Bittrex. In the span of milliseconds, the robot makes bids and asks on the trading platforms, then selects and suggests the best available rate and displays the estimated rate on our site. Integrate Changelly into your site and you will receive 50% on commission shares! Check them out HERE


This affiliate program allows you to earn up to 50% of its origination fee as commission. You can earn 20% of origination fee for refereeing every borrower and 30% for the lender referred by you. The BitBond affiliate program is very lucrative for affiliate marketers because of the higher value of its origination fee. Check them out HERE

This featured cryptocurrency broker offers many options to earn affiliate commission and at a nice 30%. They have a nice collection of banners and landing pages which you can drive traffic too. A huge perk that other brokers don't offer is you can also earn bonus commission if the person referred to you joins the network and start earning affiliate commission from Check them out HERE

When two users registered by you with this Bitcoin vendor trade for 100 Bitcoin then you are allowed to earn 20% affiliate commission on the trading fee of both the users. It means you will earn 40% commission in all on the registration fee of This website also allows people from different countries to exchange their local currency with Bitcoins as well as post their advertisements along with trade Bitcoins with cash or through online banking. It also allows you to use its online wallet to purchase things directly through it. Check them out HERE

Exmo Finance

This affiliate program of Bitcoins allows you to earn up to 25% commission. Being a virtual exchange platform allows its affiliates to use Bitcoins for safe trading operations through various withdrawal and deposit methods along with using the complete set of its trading tools. But you should keep in mind that this platform neither influences the rate of the Bitcoins nor participates in any purchase or sale transaction. On each transaction, it takes a transaction fee @ 0.2% of its users to provide reliable and safe services. Check them out HERE


With Coinbase you can help grow the following digital currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The broker is supposed to be adding more altcoins in the future. The angle of Coinbase is that using digital currency is more fun with friends! You can invite your friends by sharing the provided link. Once your friend buys or sells $100 of digital currency or more, you will both get $10 of free bitcoin. Check them out HERE

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